16 Juin 2017

Stage en Anglais : Insights into Holistic Health according to Yoga

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Insights into Holistic Health according to Yoga

Marc Beuvain

With Yoga Teachers Rahel Solberg & Leora Kestenboim

Healing on all levels, beyond just physical healing, allows you to leave behind survival mode and start living. Yogic philosophy reveals five conditions which allow us to attain this holistic health.
During this workshop, we will explore the teachings which invite us to rediscover our sense of joy, and regenerate on a deep level.
The workshop will be shared between theoretical teaching and yoga practices, allowing us to explore:

  • Physical and mental detoxification;
  • Health in relationships;
  • Physical well-being according to yoga
  • The tools to calm the mind;
  • The role of the senses.

The workshop will comprise approximately 50% practice time and 50% theory and discussion.

Infos pratiques

Netanya – Israel


Dates and timetable


16, 17 and 18 June 2017

Timetable: 8.30am to 3pm


Wingate Institute for physical education & sport

The Net Holman school for coaches and instructors

Wingate institute Netanya 42902 Israel



250 shekel per day of teaching

750 shekel for 3 days

For registration

Leora Kestenboim :


E-Mail for registration

Wingate: crmteam@wingate.org.il